Drive your holiday car hire price down with Auto Europe

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When hunting for your car hire/rental on holiday, you always want to make sure you get the best price. There’s nothing worse than finishing your booking, then seeing that you could have saved even more from another provider.

HotelTravelRewards accepted that challenge and raced to look at a number of car hire ‘aggregators’ (the ones that show you all the prices in one place) to see who’s doing the best deals.

For this test, let’s compare one of the most popular sites,, against a less well-known company, Auto Europe for hiring a small, medium and large vehicle.

Dates: 1-5 November 2019

Collect and drop off: DXB Dubai International Airport Terminal 1

Small (sometimes called ‘mini’)

Kia Picanto or similar (like a Fiat 500) - Holiday Autos found it for £74 and Auto Europe for £66

Medium (sometimes called ‘intermediate’ or ‘standard’)

Mazda 6/Toyota Corolla or similar - Holiday Autos found it for £123 and Auto Europe £106.77

Large (sometimes called ‘luxury’ or ‘premium’)

The higher the car values go, the more they seem to vary so wildly. To try and gauge what’s good value for money, this example is based on a BMW 5 Series. Holiday Autos found it for £270 and Auto Europe for £400 for a comparable deal in terms of mileage limitations.

Overall Auto Europe came up cheaper on 2 of 3 occasions so it’s probably a really good place to start. When you land on their website it’s best to change the country and language at the top to get the content relevant for you.

Offroading Dubai

We of course don’t recommend using a hire car for this though: