Winter sun now available with last minute, all inclusive holidays for under £500 each

For those looking for a bit of sun before the winter really sets in, we’ve found some cheap last-minute deals in Europe. They’re all under £500 per person, 7 nights and all inclusive.

Costa Brava, Spain

If you’re looking for a cheap holiday few frills, this might be the one. The TripAdvisor rating is only 3 star so it might be worth spending a little extra on another choice of hotel.

  • Flying from London Gatwick on 13/11/19

  • £347 per person

  • All inclusive

  • 3 star TripAdvisor rating

Costa de Algarve, Portugal

With a 3.5 rating on TripAdvisor, it might seem to be marginally better than the last one, but the most recent review was a 5 star rating so this might be a safer option.

  • Flying from Birmingham on 17/11/19

  • £322 per person

  • All inclusive

  • 3.5 star TripAdvisor rating

Chloraka, Paphos, Cyprus

Moving up the ratings, we head to Cyprus where the weather is usually warm all year round. Even in November it’s 20c-25c, making it a pleasant destination at the longer end of the short haul category.

  • Flying from Manchester on 22/11/19

  • £474 per person

  • All inclusive

  • 4 star TripAdvisor rating

Paphos, Cyprus

Another great value deal, this one sounds like another safe pair of hands. Reviews suggest the hotel is a little tired but with a 4 star TripAdvisor rating it should still be a good getaway.

  • Flying from Manchester on 27/11/19

  • £475 per person

  • All inclusive

  • 4 star TripAdvisor rating

Saving what could be the best for last, this trip is to the very popular island of Malta at the end of November.

db San Antonio Hotel + Spa is a highly rated hotel in St Pauls Bay, Malta, offering a week in 20c sun for under £400 each. The nearest beach is 100m away from the hotel and it’s only 20km from the airport.

  • Flying from Luton on 27/11/19

  • £388 per person

  • 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor

  • All inclusive