Bargain of the week: London to Phuket, Thailand for 10 nights, from £536pp

This week’s deal on TravelSupermarket is outrageously cheap. It’ll take some persistence and searching to find the price we’re mentioning here as prices do seem to change every time you search. But with a few adjustments to the filters on the left hand side of the page on their website, you can find some real bargains.

The deal we’re talking about here is for a trip on 21st October 2019 to Phuket, Thailand.

  • 10 nights

  • Flights from London Heathrow at 10pm

  • Room only at the Blu Monkey Bed and Breakfast Hotel

  • Funnily enough, the deal for this hotel is room only but it has Bed and Breakfast in its title. But for an extra £100 you can get bed and breakfast in a similar hotel or more than likely the same one too.

  • On room only, prices start at £536pp(!).

At a price like this you’re probably expecting the hotel to be inhabitable, but upon checking it appears to be rather nice. The hotel looks modern and friendly and is ideal as a base. With 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor, a lot of previous guests would appear to agree too.

Here’s a randomly chosen room in this particular hotel (in the interests of fairness):

Image: Blu Monkey B&B, Phuket, Thailand

Image: Blu Monkey B&B, Phuket, Thailand