Work in the public sector in the UK? Check out this 30% Hilton discount code.

If you work in the public sector in the UK, you could get up to 30% discount on your next Hilton stay if you use a special discount code. It’ll give you the saving on their best priced bed and breakfast packages.

The discount is applicable to most Hilton brands except Hampton by Hilton, where you’ll get 20%.

When you get to the hotel, you’ll need to be able to prove you work in the public sector, so it’s best to take your ID badge or payslip just in case.

The 2 codes you can use to get a discounted booking are PR11PN or 1PN. To use them, visit and click on the ‘special rates’ button, then in ‘promotional code’ box enter one of those 2 codes mentioned.

After a quick look at what the saving might be, it averaged about £17 over 3 different hotels on the same night, which is around the amount you’ll spend on parking if you drive to the hotel. Maybe think of it as getting a free breakfast and parking for your stay?

The full terms and conditions can be found here.

In addition to the discount on your stay, if you live or work near a Livingwell gym (the ones within Hilton hotels), you can get 30% off your gym membership too.