Official UK airport parking - who's giving away the most cashback?

When you’re looking for somewhere safe you can park your car while away, there’s no better option that the airports’ official parking services.

If you have a choice of where you fly from, it might be that you could save on parking when booking via TopCashback.

Here’s the cashback that each airport on TopCashback is offering:

  • Gatwick - 6.06%

  • Edinburgh - 8.08%

  • Leeds Bradford - 8.08%

  • Liverpool - 8.08%

  • Birmingham - 10.1%

  • Bristol - 10.1%

  • Glasgow - 10.1%

  • Heathrow - 10.1%

  • Stansted - 50.5%

The Stansted price looks strangely high but it’s surprisingly correct; if you purchase Fast Track for security at the same time.

Gatwick seems to be the lowest and yet could offer the best price. Just visit TopCashback using the link below, find Gatwick in the list and when you land on their website to make your parking booking, don’t forget to register for myGatwick and receive a 10% member discount as well as your cashback.

As with hotel rooms and flight prices, airport parking prices also fluctuate depending on the time of day and day of the week. You’ll find prices are generally better earlier in the week and before midday but it’s worth checking at a few different times to see when you can get the best price.